Grant Professionals Association (GPA) - Connect & Learn

Connecting with and learning from other grant professionals is one of the great benefits of becoming a member of the Grant Professionals Association.

In between our regular chapter meetings and conferences, you can connect with other grant professionals online through GPA and GPA NJ social communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Click on the icons below.

Looking for a more formal learning environment? Try the GPA webinars (live and recorded) or download the annual Journal of the GPA or issues of current Strategy Papers. You might also want to consider writing for one of these peer-reviewed publications.

Looking for a consultant or a consultant mentor? Check out the resources available through the GPA Consultants Directory or the GPCI list of Credentialed Grant Professionals.

You might also be interested in The Value of Collaboration Amongst Grant Writers by Northern Ohio Chapter President Lauren Steiner.

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